Do Great Things was commissioned by Swissnex San Francisco for their exhibition Re:Dada. For this show each artist remixed a Dada work in the Public Domain. I chose to remake Georg Scholz’s Industriebauern (1920) transposing and updating its content from 1920 rural Germany to 2016 tech San Francisco. The video was installed in a large monitor the same way you’d install a painting.


The Treachery of Images is part one of my karaoke suite.


Hello Halo is part two of my karaoke suite.


Singin’ is three of my karaoke suite.


Just North of Neutral (Trailer)


Just North of Neutral (Sketch)


BlabberLab App Trailer

Download the app here.



Happy Days

The trailer for Happy Days, a mashup of the Beckett and the TV show. Happy Days, the play, was directed by Tom Comitta and Yume Kim and premiered at Small Press Traffic’s Poet’s Theater Festival on January 23, 2014.



How to Write Good Poetry

An informational video about how to write good poetry. Premiered at Small Press Distribution’s Poetry Movie Night on September 5, 2014.