Recorded live at the Poetic Research Bureau, Los Angeles, March 23, 2018. Recording by Pauline Gloss. Sound editing by Tom Comitta.

City of Nature is my novel-in-progress that collages together nature descriptions from hundreds of canonical novels. Oscillating between narrative and archive, lyrical excess and data analysis, this book explores ways that nature has buttressed human drama since the beginnings of the novel. This excerpt is from chapter 10, the prairie.



Bill: The Musikill by Fire Drill and Tom Comitta

Bill: The Musikill, my collaboration with the performance duo Fire Drill, is an experimental musical set in a dystopian, post-climate-disaster tech commune. Pushed to the blistering pace of hyper-entertainment from start to finish, this exhausting spectacle measures the human cost of engineered happiness. This recording was made live during the Momentum Dance Festival, commissioned by The Jerome Foundation, The Walker Art Center, The Cowles Center and The Southern Theater, in July 2017. More info on this piece can be found on the Bill: The Muskill page here.



Beast (for Hugo Ball) by bpNichol

For years I wanted to write a poem for my uncle David Turner, who was the first active artist and the first openly queer person in my family. Estranged from the family throughout my childhood, he took his life before I was ever able to meet him. A few years ago I came across bpNichol’s “Beast (for Hugo Ball)” and immediately realized that Nichol had written the poem I would have wanted to write for my uncle. I taught myself the piece and often end performances with it. The above was recorded at Swissnex, San Francisco on November 20, 2016.


Chest Press

Performed at Project Project, Omaha on August 6, 2016. Recorded by Nick Deamer.



Selections from WARMUP recorded by Mathew Timmons and Ben White for The People Radio (KCHUNG Radio, LA)


The People Radio: Tom Comitta and Suzanne Stein


Selections from Bill: The Musikill



Selected Sound Poems from Recent Readings published by Elective Affinities

“KFCop” (2014); “Singin'” (2014); unauthorized translation of Gerhard Rühm’s “12! Ein Zahlengedicht” (????); and a blend of text from The Happy End of The Happy End of Franz Kafka’s Amerika (2012) and The City of Nature (ongoing).



Portrait of the Artist as an Unborn Child Star by not enough data

A collage of audio books related to childhood and gender. From the Project Gutenberg archive. Live mixed in browser windows.



The Leant Walrus Jolter on

Audio from this group incantation of The Wall Street Journal. Staged in Union Square, San Francisco on October 11, 2011. Composed and staged with The San Francisco Guerrilla Opera Company (SF Guerrilla Opera).

Link to mp3



Howl in Six Voices published by & archived by PennSound

The above audio is track four, “HOWL,” from this album. It contains every word with the letter o in Ginsberg’s “HOWL for Carl Solomon.” Each track of this album erases this poem, each time keeping words of a particular vowel. At the time I called this method “inflationary erasure” because words containing more than one vowel would show up more than once, creating a full erasure album that is longer than the original.

Link to full album and TextSound Issue 11 on PennSound

Link to “HOWL” mp3