NaNoWriNiMo (2012)


National Novel Writing Night Month (2012)

A futurist improvement upon the popular write-a-novel-in-a-month contest held each November. In October 2012, a public call was made for novels written in a night during the month of November. A Facebook account was opened. A website,, was created —’s html and graphic design elements were appropriated and slightly modified (“Ni” and “Night” additions, for instance). No submissions were received, so I ended up writing a bunch of Night Novels (NiNos) on my own.

Links to NiNo free PDFs:

Portrait of the Artist as an Unborn Child Star

ASAP’s Fables


The Happy End of The Happy End of Franz Kafka’s Amerika

Lorem Ipsum

Jurnes ut f the


On the Road Not Taken

To The Left and Right of the Lighthouse