First Thought Worst Thought Cover

Recently out from Gauss PDFFirst Thought Worst Thought: Collected Books 2011-2014

Recent News

10/22/15 – Kala Art Institute has installed my handwritten poems in its group exhibition Voices. Stop by until December 5 to see 100 pages of handwritten poems that I composed between 2011 and 2015.

10/13/15 – Last night at National Novel Writing Night, programming for my show First Thought Worst Thought, we wrote, designed and printed six novels in three hours. Each book is available for purchase and preview on Matt Luv Eric by Eric Sneathen; More than twenty questions by Matt Sussman; ABCD: Animal Burritto Caterwaul Dogma by Carey Lin; Bread as Text: two-ten by Olivia White Lopez; JOLT by Hannah Ireland, George Pfau, Zoe Taleporos, and Sarah Thibault; and Chocolate Tim Candy by Tim Candy.

10/01/15 – I’ve just begun my three-month residency at the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC). While in residence, I will work on video to accompany Bill: The Musikill, a musical-in-progress that is in development with the Minneapolis-based dance/performance duo Fire Drill. You can get a preview of the musical in the Video section here.

9/23/15 – The East Bay Express’ Sarah Burke has published a review of my show at The Royal Nonesuch Gallery. It’s called “How to Write Good Poetry Really Fast” and can be read here.

9/12/15 – My show First Thought Worst Thought will be on display at The Royal Nonesuch Gallery from today until October 18. A kind of reading room, the exhibition holds the 40 books I published with Gauss PDF in the spring as well as a text-to-sound-computer program, the video “How to Write Good Poetry” (2014), and a vinyl window installation of my book point line shape (2011).

7/22/15 – Hayward Publishing/The Southbank Centre (UK) have published two of my poems in The New Concrete, an international anthology surveying “the rise of concrete poetry in the digital age.” One of my poems appeared in The Creative Review’s review of the book.

5/17/15 – The People Radio invited Suzanne Stein and I to conduct a co-interview, with additional questions from The People hosts Mathew Timmons and Ben White. You can listen to our conversation here and on my Sound page.